Back Pain

What to Know About Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem, especially as people age, as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Women tend to seek help for it more than men. While we never want to see people suffer, especially from back pain, we want you to know that at Sainz Chiropractic in Gainesville, we're here to help! It starts with this guide to educate you about back pain, including lower back pain.


Causes of Back Pain

First and foremost, the causes of back pain vary greatly depending on whether it's chronic or acute. For instance, if you experience acute pain, it could stem from a sports or personal injury. You may have overworked a certain body part while at work. It could also result from leading a sedentary lifestyle and placing excessive pressure on the lower back for prolonged periods. On the other hand, chronic pain could occur due to repeated stress on the back without any breaks. It could also stem from arthritis or another similar condition.

Diagnosing Back Pain

Before we can decide on the best course of action for you, we must first diagnose the problem. This involves asking you questions about your medical history, which we'll do through a form you complete when you first arrive. This gives us insight into your past and any back injuries or chronic conditions that may be contributing to the pain.

The next step in the process is speaking with a chiropractor. Our practitioner will ask you questions about any recent injuries you've had, when the pain started, how frequently you experience pain, and the severity of it. Sometimes, this alone is enough for our chiropractor to determine the problem. However, in some cases, imaging might be necessary to rule out other causes of back pain or to determine the exact cause.

Finding the Right Treatment

Once we have enough information to determine the cause of your back pain, we'll then decide on a treatment approach, which may consist of one or more courses of action. For instance, one of the common treatment approaches we use for lower back pain is a spinal adjustment. During this procedure, our chiropractic practitioner will perform manual maneuvers on your back to optimize nervous system function as well as circulation. We can also use this technique for the upper or middle back. For lower back pain treatment in particular, we may recommend exercise therapy.

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